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About Us

  • Since its founding in 2000 RecruitAlliance has offered a global best-of-breed, secure, web-based enterprise workflow and communication portal providing Employer Members the flexibility to easily manage and continuously improve their recruiting vendor engagements and results without compromising their internal or external compliance standards. Founded by recruitment professionals our goal was to provide an amazingly quick and efficient one-click control of the vendor engagement process, easily customizable to align procurement, legal, HR, hiring manager and recruiting team standards, practices, and objectives.
  • A truly merit-based service platform, where highly qualified vendors—the vast majority of which are referred directly by Employer Members—compete to present the best candidates to fill open requisitions as quickly and efficiently as possible at Employer-set fee levels. Members have the ability to create enterprise fee standards, with key-account flexibility to customize fee level by job requisition and vendor, keeping recruiting project leaders in charge and able to optimize their vendor recruiting spend. RecruitAlliance gives Employer Members the ability to track, monitor, and measure recruiting vendor use, performance and spend in an open-market forum, and key-account flexibility to add and subtract vendors on-demand to continuously improve vendor-recruiting ROI.